Decorating tips for your house near the Ocean

A beach house is the apex of relaxed living, right? It’s an escape that exists outside of your day-to-day life and – if designed well – it’s the place that lets you automatically turn off and relax. Question: Is it… Continue Reading →

Three important tip that you need to know before redesigning Your Bathroom

You know you need to renovate it, but you’re afraid it’s going to cost a fortune! With the right attitude, a Casaprestige designer, and a lot of creativity, you can finally design the bathroom of your dreams. 1. A GOOD… Continue Reading →

Light Up Your Desk

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer, you work from home, or you’re simply fortunate to have a spare bedroom you’ve decided to turn into an office—if you’ve set up a workspace remotely, you know: the lighting is clutch for bringing it… Continue Reading →

5 Tips on how to make your house looks more mature

UPDATE YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS WITH LEATHER PULLS Cabinet hardware is easy to change and the leather adds a lovely texture that will warm up the allover look of your kitchen. You can buy the pulls in many different colors and shapes, but you… Continue Reading →

5 Brilliant Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

1. DETOX YOUR HOME First thing’s first, do a proper clear out. Removing clutter and rearranging your furniture will immediately create a new energy and look to your room. Don’t be afraid to try multiple ideas in order to find… Continue Reading →

3 Tips on how to set up Your Home Office

The mental and physical health benefits of well-considered interior design are widely known and lauded. A room’s layout and aesthetic depend on its purpose, but how do you balance the function with visual preferences and practical needs? Today we’re exploring… Continue Reading →

5 Tips on Making Your Kid’s Room child-friendly and parent-approved spaces

Your child’s room should be a beautiful space for them where they feel safe and at home. It should inspire them to be creative and allow them to the freedom to explore! In order to achieve this, kids’ spaces should… Continue Reading →

Find the Furniture that’s Right for Your Space

Designing a home is about surrounding yourself with that which makes you happy. Your furniture says a lot about your lifestyle and your personality, and it creates a space that’s specifically yours. Choosing the right pieces for your space can… Continue Reading →

Decorating in White: how to use the White color in Interior Design Inspirations

We’re all familiar with the old adages “less is more” and “a cluttered home is a cluttered mind.” No one in their right mind desires to live in a claustrophobic space- like apartments aren’t small enough as it is!? And… Continue Reading →

Add More Color Into Your Bathroom Design

Neutral shades are a popular pick for bathrooms, but that shouldn’t mean that adding color is totally off limits. In such a small space, color might seem risky — but it’s just the opposite. On a small scale it’s easy… Continue Reading →